I have held my tongue waiting for the first year of the Biden initiative to go into the record books, a lot has happened but so much remains to be done.

My first comment…

Biden is getting old, just a year older than me. I think he needs to sit back and assume the position of a wise advisor, ie. put some younger high energy people out front on the initiatives. And that person is not Harris.

I think history will show that the biggest initiative for his Administration will no doubt be Climate Change. It will not be all the cleanup issues that carried over from the disruptive Trump reign.  The COVID response has been strong and the initial money raise for the stimulus package was good.  On the other hand, I believe there has been a lot of over-reach with the initial Build Back Better and Voting Rights Bill.  I think the filibuster should be left alone; it will only come back to bite you if at some time in the future the Republicans get in a small majority situation.   It you want to go big, then work on getting more Democrats elected in 2022 and 2024.

Build Back Better needs to be enacted. But first, it needs to be explained and most importantly it needs to be financed by rescinding the Trump Tax Cuts.  This program has to be paid for by increasing government revenue, no additional debt can be added in this inflationary environment.

There was and is a need for all of these programs, but there needs to be more energy and more compromise. On voting, maybe the most important thing would be to make Election Day a National Holiday, the other stuff would be nice but are deeply scary for Republicans, because if everyone voted, Republicans would lose. So, work on getting out the vote.


A change of attitude for the Democrats should have a high priority. All this talk of losing their majorities in 2022 should stop. I will say that I have the luxury of having been a Republican for almost 40 years, 1964 to 2003. I see how Republicans get things done. They are not like Democrats who are always crying about something. And while I love Rachel Maddow’s investigative qualities, she and the other MSNBC crowd are too much, a bunch of cry-babies. It is time they devoted themselves to efforts for voter registration and positive Program agendas. Give airtime to experts on Climate Change, exciting people like Jeremy Rifkin and others, not some bureaucrat.


The Democratic Pary needs a leader, Biden, sadly, is not a visionary one, and Jamie Harrison for sure is not one. I became a Democrat based on the energy and ideas of Howard Dean. His 50-state initiative got things going, Obama came along, and a new world was built. Now someone exciting needs to move to the top and keep it going. I have some ideas.

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