The Back Story

Democrats are facing a mind numbing array of craziness going into the 2020 election. Our approach to the big picture tends to be focused on economics and equality, our area of study and training.

A little bit of study and thought will show that many of the issues facing Americans today, economic inequality, healthcare, and college funding go back 40 years, to the start of the Republican Supply Side Economics agenda around 1980.

This agenda came about after the 1945 – 1965 WW II economic “boom” regeneration period and then the 1966-1982 period which followed in which a 16 year period of economic angst fermented.

The Republicans with the help of a couple of economists formulated the supply-side agenda in the early 80’s. Key aspects were 1) the ” Trickle Down Theory”, 2) cut government funding of social programs especially education, and 3) Privatization of many part of the infrastructure.

Result, Private wealth gained, inequality surged, college debt became a big issue, and healthcare has had some tumultuous times with the uninsured becoming a focal point.

Climate Change has been with us for a long time. The current phase basically came about out of the Second Industrialization when the transportation system allowed manufacturing to be concentrated and to use oil fueled cars and trucks to move things around to the consumer. Initially cheap oil made movement easy, now it is poisoning our environment.

Ironically, Al Gore in 2006 was part of the movie “Inconvenient Truth” that first made Climate Change a publicly discussed issue. Now 14 years later, it is the number one story in the coming election. We have a lot to say about this transformation.

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