Rethink Climate Change

This is the top issue that will be confronted in the 2020 election. Our core belief is that climate change can be turned into a positive, dealing with it will produce jobs and make for a healthier environment.

The Democratic Presidential challenger will need to make the case for the magnitude of the Climate Change issue. It may require the administration to add a Super level Cabinet Secretary to coordinate the effort. This super level position would also have other Cabinet agencies coordinating with it, agencies like Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, maybe even Treasury.

From the big picture position, this transformation buildout has all the marks of being the economic driver that economist’s were searching for in 1980. (see our Rifkin review on this site, or better yet read his book) Our view on this issue is that the market will ultimately drive the direction of this transformation. Already wind and solar energy are cost wise economically viable. Rate of change is the key factor. Research has shown that 14 percent usage on a new process is viewed as a Tipping Point, and we are at that point in some areas. The result is Fossil fuels will become too costly to produce. In the US we see big lobbying trying to save old energy sources and modes of transportation. One key will be to curtail subsidies that stretch out carbon producing sectors.

In this process one must keep in mind that Local Capitalism is a change agent, Old Capitalism will piggyback once the endeavors prove themselves.

Financial players will need to be brought on board to make this happen. This will include pension funds, and all of Wall Street. Importantly rate of return on investment is the underlying process that will turn energy to green sources.

This is the “Big Green Deal“, if you need a name.

And one final outside the box thought

Are we becoming so efficient that we are collectively squeezing ourselves to death. This could be one reason inflation is so low. By ignoring the fact that we are using our environment as the cesspool of our activity we are in effect harming our air and water quality. We do this by sending stuff everywhere in a way that does not get taxed enough to pay the bills for all the pollution created by all the movement.

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