Our Take on a Progressive Movement for 2022

It may be ironic, but when one looks back to some Progressive Icons in this country, they started out as disillusioned Republicans, Teddy Roosevelt, “Fighting Bob” LaFollette, and Henry Wallace would be three that stand out. That may be a big clue into where one starts in making basic electoral inroads.

It is true that there is a wing of the Democratic party that likes to call itself Progressive and it has a lot of contrasts to the “Old Line” and “New Democrats” which are highly populated by elite types based on education and wealth. On the other hand the current Democratic based Progressives have a theme that gets easily tagged as following socialist ideas. It is true that the Progressive Icon’s of the past had socialist tags planted on them to some extent, but they had one big difference, they had a strong practical rural driving force at their core. This is the kind of core that talks to the MAGA population.

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