Here is a list of some of our information sources that we researched for this website presentation. 

  1. The Third Pillar by Raghuram Rajan, published 2019
  2. The Green New Deal by Jeremy Rifkin, published 2019
  3. Peoples Quantitative Easing by Frances Coppola, published 2019
  4. The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato, published 2018
  5. The Great Divide by Joseph E. Stiglitz, published 2015
  6. Capital by Thomas Piketty, published 2014
  7. Anatomy of Inequality by Per Molander, published 2014
  8. The Economics of Enough by Diane Coyle, published 2011
  9. Fault Lines by Raghuram Rajan, published 2010
  10. Common Wealth by Jeffrey D. Sachs, published 2008
  11. Whose Freedom, George Lakoff, published 2006
  12. The Brookings Institution
  13. Project Syndicate

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