COVID – Eyes Open

Our eyes are being opened by all the unfolding relationships.

Look at all the Insights developing, some good, some bad.

First, the sky’s are opening up, much less pollution

Secondly, inequality gets defined in a real sense….over the past few years we have kept hearing that yes there is huge inequality issue in the U.S. , the data proves it, but people cannot identify with it.

Now after COVID 19, that has changed dramatically. Inequality has become very visible in the health and health care environment. Poor people, and people with poor health due to available health care, monetary resources, and diet are dying at a rate 2 to 3 times higher than more well off people.

Thirdly, the lack of moral leadership of the country has been talked about every day for the past three years. Now we see the real consequences in terms of our mortal lives.

Fourthly, Trump and his friends are in a real financial pickle, they because of their operating style of operating leverage and not retaining reserves in their companies could lose everything if they don’t restart the economy quickly.

That need of the administration, is in direct conflict with the most important factor in this crisis, Mitigation, staying home, is working. To move to the next level of living we need comprehensive testing, both diagnostic and antibody. It seems these days that Washington is willing to spend a Trillion on almost anything including bailing out hedge funds. A Trillion would easily fund both diagnostic and antibody testing for all 330 million Americans, that would be $ 3000 each, and probably have a lot left over for other needs.

Now it comes down to the people of this country to drive a solid direction. They can issue their own stay at home order. Everyone that can work from home or are retired can simply use their own personal stay at home order until the administration wakes up or leaves in nine months.

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